Hedras Ramos


Hedras Ramos is a young Guitar Prodigy, born in Guatemala City in 1992. Hedras is taking the world by storm with his furious and future-jazz stylings, bringing the instrument to an entirely new level.


With 3 albums under his belt and a 4th production where he’s the man behind the Guitars of the latest Heavy Metal album (The Omens of Death) of iconic Hollywood star, Sir Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dracula, Star Wars and 280+ movies) , his own version of (2 of his songs) in the popular game Rock Band Games and nearly 20 endorsements from great companies from America, Europe and Asia, Hedras definitively has pushed the boundaries for an artists of such a tender age, and he’s only warming up!

Hedras is without a question among the breed of young players who will be th e Guitar  Heroes of tomorrow!